Welcome to Wasedo Co. Ltd,  we are one of the fastest growing distributors of Japan products. We are passionate about our products and the people that we work with.


We are committed to helping our suppliers, partners and more importantly our customers build a brighter future. We love what we do!


What sets us apart from other employer is the breadth of experiences we offer to our employees. We learn a lot about different products and adapt our marketing strategy around those products. As part of the job, we also travel a lot, learning new cultures and customs.


Join Wasedo to broaden your horizons and do something fun. We always look to hire bright people.


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〒107-0062   東京都港区南青山6-10-9-904室

Tel:     (03)  6324-6835 

Inquiry:  brandon.liu@Wasedo.com

Wasedo Co. Ltd

6-10-9-904 Minami Aoyama

Minato Ku, Tokyo Japan 107-0062

Tel:       (03)  6324-6835 

Inquiry:  brandon.liu@Wasedo.com

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