Our unique "cross-border e-Commerce + local, offline sales" business model


1. Products from our supplier or developed by us (made in Japan and shipped from Japan)

2. Products placed on the e-Commerce website of our overseas partner

5. When overseas customer places order, our supplier in Japan ships the products to our warehouse in Japan. Wasedo and our e-commerce partner will handle the custom clearing and the rest.




6. Wasedo and its e-Commerce partner will handle the customs and inspection at the receiving country and will deliver the shipment to the customers.




3. Wasedo and our local e-commerce partner provide free on and off-line marketing to our suppliers.

4. Local sales force will introduce products to customers every day. Depending on situation, selected products will be displayed at our affiliated stores.

  • In China, we work with one of the largest and fastest growing cross-border e-Commerce platforms.

  • Our partner will have 100 direct stores for high-end, luxury products by first half of 2016. A dozen of these stores are already in operations.  

  • We also have 20,000 franchised drug stores that are our display and sales partners. Our products are introduced to millions of customers in China every day.


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